My new sounds:

French-Canadian virtuoso acoustic guitarist Erik Mongrain, pioneer of the ‘airtap’ technique and hailed as one of the greatest innovators of acoustic guitar music. Listen to all 3 of his official albums in full for free on Spotify :D

Will Johnstone’s debut 18 track - triple disc solo project album “Transcendence” is available on Spotify in FULL for FREE!!! Click the star beside the tracks you like, adds songs to your own playlists or choose similar artists you like and start the radio function to discover new music :D


Will Johnstone + Junkyard Dawgs + Live Improvised Jam = Misirlou (Pulp Fiction Theme Tune) (by Will Johnstone)

Emily vs 118kg Marlin @ Bay of Islands, New Zealand (Solo - Stand Up - 10kg Braid) (by Will Johnstone)


A short anime film about Chris Herron going to the moon to beat up Justin Bieber who has already purchased a ticket on the first commercial moon landing, where he will become the 1st evermusician to walk on the moon! We have to stop this travesty!